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Our studio here in Barcelona, like our skincare range, is driven by creativity, curiosity and the pursuit of happiness, mindfulness and fulfillment. Our products have come from a desire to redefine natural skincare. They are meaningful and beneficial, embodying a passion for nature and a fascination for how plants, herbs and essential oils can be harnessed to create natural skincare products that are pure, crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail, and set a new standard in natural, cruelty-free skincare.

Everything we make is created with pragmatism and synergy in mind; multiuse, mixable, unisex skincare to compliment modern living. Years of research and experimentation with high-quality natural ingredients has led to products rich in antioxidants, which leave skin regenerated, brightened and reconditioned.

We use plant and herb extracts, essential oils and fruit acids which redefine natural synergistic effects on skin, and also reflect the landscapes we love. Vibrant, Mediterranean Barcelona where our studio is based; lush, verdant Galicia where the seed of inspiration was planted, and the peaceful, idyllic Montseny natural park, where we have our 200-year-old rural masia farmhouse and home laboratory.

Our capsule collection is comprised of products we are deeply proud of. From their sourcing and blending in our family run laboratory here in Barcelona, to the minimalist, sophisticated vessels they come in, each step of the process has ensured that they belong in a natural skincare class of their own.

Our Ingredients

Alex Carro products have been created through a considered and rigorous process of selection, experimentation and a deep understanding of the science behind the natural ingredients. Pure essential oils distilled from flowers, fruit, leaves and bark combine with plant and vegetable oils and extracts to maximise their individual qualities and create high-functioning, balanced products.

Our plant oils have been selected based on their texture and absorption, and include Japanese rice bran, grapeseed, evening primrose, jojoba, and argan. They are also chosen for their unique regenerative properties and their suitability for all skin types.

Products are imbued with a signature scent. A synergy of frankincense, geranium, patchouli, rose, and a French high-altitude lavender essential oil, the result is botanic and earthy with resinous undertones. Distinctive but noninvasive, and in line with our products, the Alex Carro scent is sophisticated and discreet.


While inventive, intelligent blending of ingredients allows our products to meet your everyday skincare needs, Alex Carro products are also designed with inbuilt versatility. We have developed unique, unisex products which can be attenuated at the point of use as you appraise your own needs, eliminating the need for multiple products for varying skin types.

Five products form a minimal, portable capsule cosmetic ritual which can be adapted, expanded and amalgamated into an additional five bespoke products for changing circumstance, or simply in order to be shared.

Simply hand mixing the products at the point of use according to your own experimentation allows you to easily tailor your own occasional restorative rituals, or quick deep cleanse treatments as needed.


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