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It’s Only Natural: Natural Skincare Made Easy.

by Alexandra Nodes

There are very good things happening these days when it comes to the choices people are making about what they consume. People are becoming much more conscious about the things they put in - and on - their body.


Many of the skincare and beauty products on the market today still contain synthetic chemicals which have little or no impact on the long term health of skin and hair, but more importantly, are totally unnecessary!


For me it’s never made sense. People might think really carefully about what they eat, but they’ll use a shampoo or a moisturiser full of allergens, synthetic fragrances and all kinds of needless and unpleasant filler ingredients. It frustrates me because natural beauty - getting rid of all the useless synthetic junk and using botanical ingredients that naturally contain all the great stuff your skin needs, and work infinitely batter - couldn’t be easier.

And if you like it made easy for you, choose brands that simply don’t use non-natural ingredients, and most importantly, tell you exactly what is in their products. Start with a Balancing Face Oil made using only carefully sourced botanical ingredients and see for yourself how much more effective going natural can be.


Always read the label.

natural skincare bottles

When it comes to skincare products, transparency is everything. Providing full details of ingredient choices, and ideally even supporting them with extra information that helps customers know what they are buying and what it does, should be industry standard. When you’re browsing skincare and beauty products, have a look at the ingredient list.

And not just on cheaper, basic products. Even high-end brands who you would expect to know better often use ingredients which are cheap and easily available and have negative effects on skin. It amazes me that many brands don’t even list their ingredients on their websites. Products that can be eye-wateringly expensive invite you to guess what they might contain, rather than being totally transparent.


Pay attention to things like mineral oils - usually derivatives of the petro-chemical industry like paraffin or liquid petroleum - which lend products a silky, smooth feel but actually coat pores and damage skin health over time. Mineral oils are colourless, odourless and very cheap to produce. So of course they are used in countless skincare products even though they are occlusive - blocking pores and making it harder for skin to breathe and cells to regenerate.

Similarly, silicon emollients like demithicone, often used in cleansers, trap toxins in your skin, and can do damage to skin in the long term, even though they might feel great on application. Why do these things find their way into skincare products? A good natural Facial Cleanser will contain natural emollients that work better and only have a positive impact. But many brands want to save money and sacrifice real quality for bigger profits.


Plant oils are great for your skin. Blending carefully selected essential oils with plant and herb extracts and letting them do what comes naturally is a more efficient way of giving skin the vitamins and support it needs to stay balanced. Natural ingredients work with your skin, harmoniously adding to its natural health and beauty and not taking anything away. Even problems like preservatives - always tricky with organic and botanicals - are now easily solved using advanced bio-technology and fermentation. There’s no reason for a “natural” skincare brands to use synthetics, unless they care more about their profits than their customers.


True or False?

natural skincare applying

A lot of non-natural ingredients are false friends. Parabens, formaldehyde, any of the chemicals mentioned above, as well as a host of other synthetics provide texture and fragrance that can seem very pleasant, while actually doing nothing for your skin. Much of the time, when you see something that is “anti-aging” or “silky smooth”, it´s worth raising an eyebrow. Nothing can reverse the effects of aging, and that silky smooth application is probably thanks to silicone or it´s derivatives, and won´t do much for the actual softness or smoothness of your skin.


They also represent a false economy. Cheap, widely available synthetics might keep the cost price of products lower than some of their all natural counterparts, but you’ll get through them faster and they won’t have them kind of long term benefits that botanicals give you.


A good example of this is lip balm. Many extremely cheap balms use petroleum. It’s very cheap, and it’s glides onto skin, temporarily relieving dryness and feeling silky and greasy. But it’s petroleum. It’s an ingredient that reduces skins natural moisture and can even provoke outbreaks, acne and contact dermatitis.

And we put this on our lips? Contrast this with a natural Multiuse Balm you can use on skin and lips, made with natural butters like cocoa and shea, and containing soothing, hydrating plant and herb extracts, it may cost a little bit more, but you’ll need to apply it much less frequently, and it has legitimate, profound benefits for skin. It’s not a tough choice, right?


Going natural couldn’t be easier.

natural skincare mixing

Choosing good quality, natural beauty is easier than ever, and more and more people are opting to dump the nasty synthetics and use products that only put good things into their system.


Read the label, and make sure whatever’s in the bottle is all natural. Artificial fragrances, colourings, preservatives and texture enhancers are essentially a waste of space, so if you see them, it means the product isn’t made to be truly efficient.


In contrast, products which contain only natural ingredients are generally formulated with efficacy as their primary concern. If you see carefully selected essential oils, plant and herb extracts and other botanicals, somebody has curated this product to give you the best that nature has to offer. Which is, naturally, the best.


Shop around, investigate, and choose wisely. Not all “natural” brands are what they seem, and good ones truly are passionate about what they put into their products. If you are going to spend money – sometimes serious money! – on skincare, why not get informed about what works best for you? 


Our collection is made up of only five products. You don’t need more than that to cover the health and appearance of skin. An all natural Exfoliating Powder, a gentle but powerful Cleanser, a rich, hydrating Face and Eye Cream, a vitamin packed Balancing Face Oil and a lush Multiuse Balm are formulated to contain everything skin needs, and to be mixable at the point of use for changing skin conditions.

They are unisex, shareable, vegan and cruelty-free, 100% natural botanical and gorgeous to use. The ingredients are painstakingly sourced for maximum quality, and there is no reason for them to contain anything that isn’t doing something fantastic to your skin. They even smell great, totally naturally.




Check out the full ingredients list we use on our product pages, and head to our blog for detailed information on specific hero ingredients we love, as well as tips on keeping skin naturally healthy and beautiful.


If you want useful and practical information on what natural skincare can do, click the image below to download our complete guide to natural skincare.


Get the free guide to natural skincare essentials 

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