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Back To life, Back To Reality: Time To Regroup With Post-holiday Skincare

by Alexandra Nodes

Over the summer, many of us have had the chance to relax and unwind. Maybe you managed a few lazy mornings. Perhaps you’ve even caught the sun. The feeling of being relaxed and healthy, and how this affects your skin, is part of what makes the summertime so enjoyable.

Research done at the Erasmus University in 2010 shows that our annual happiness peaks during the planning and anticipation of a proper holiday, and reaches it’s annual low shortly after returning home. It seems that the post-holiday blues are a reality.

As summer comes to an end, it’s a great time to regroup and make sure you keep some of those habits that make you happy going even when you’re not on holiday. Here are my tips for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful, and fighting the post-holiday blues at the same time.


Get it together.



Going on holiday or having some time off over the summer often allows us to pamper ourselves a little bit. Spending a bit more time in the shower, and taking a little more care with skincare and getting ready in the morning because we’re not rushing out for a busy day.

Now you’re back to your daily routine, this is a great time to start new, beneficial habits for every day. In terms of skincare, it might help to streamline your morning and evening rituals to save time, but find ways to actually do more with less.

Our collection is designed to give you everything you need in a simple, every day routine. You can keep your skin looking radiant and heathy after a holiday by caring for it simply and efficiently every day with products that have a real impact on skin as well as on general wellbeing and relaxation.

The key to getting your perfect routine together is having a great core collection of versatile products that work together. I use our facial cleanser and botanical exfoliating powder before showering, and mix them for a gentle, nourishing, hydrating cleanse that removes dead skin cells and leaves my skin reconditioned. And it literally takes seconds. 

A gentle exfoliation treatment will keep your skin nourished and conditioned, which helps you keep that summer glow for longer without suffering from the dryness that sun exposure can cause. If you’ve had a bit too much sun, a deeply hydrating face mask will give you the extra hydration you need, with ingredients like hyaluronic acid and crocus bulb extract locking in hydration and making your skin smoother and more supple.

You can compliment these treatments with everyday use of a face oil that keeps your skin glowing and gorgeous while also packing in vitamin rich botanicals to really boost skin health and appearance.

Great every day habits don’t have to be complicated or take up much time. Bring some of that holiday ritual into your daily life by being smart about the products you use. 


Treat yourself every day.



When we’re on holiday, we often pack a lot more pleasurable activities into a day than we might at home, whether it’s sightseeing or a long lunch with family or friends, enjoying a siesta on the beach or simply reading a book for an hour.

We often feel the gap left by these treats when we are back to the grind of daily life. A great way to avoid the holiday blues is to incorporate some small enjoyable or whimsical activities into your every day routine. Plan a special dinner with friends, for example, or set aside time for reading or meditation. 

In terms of skincare, there are ways to really improve your sense of wellbeing by embracing rituals that feel luxurious, but can easily and simply be done at home. I’m a lifelong devotee to the aromatherapeutic benefits of essential oils, and simply choosing products that look after your skin while also helping you to relax is a great way to treat yourself.

Another great way to feel a little bit special every day is to keep products handy that give you a real boost anytime, anywhere. I love using our Balancing Face Oil and Exfoliating Powderblended together, and if I need a quick confidence boost I give myself a quick Hydrating Exfoliation treatment. It takes seconds and leaves skin instantly glowing. 

Reality? Check!


Coming back to reality can be a bit of a shock. The reality check that your next holiday might be a long way off, and having to hit the work treadmill can bring you down.

But there are so many ways to keep that positive momentum going rather than hitting a slump. Incorporating great habits into your skincare routine, setting aside time for activities that make you feel good, or even planning your next escape can make reality seem a little more fun.





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