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20 Years of Balancing Face Oil

by Alexandra Nodes

Balancing Face Oil 2004-2024


Returning back to London in 2004 after travelling around South America and South East Asia I felt inspired by all the beauty parlours I’d stepped into along the way and decided to ‘pin down’ the formula I’d already started playing with sometime before leaving.

In the tiny kitchen of my flat in Kennington I made that very first batch of oil for my face and then shared tiny vials with friends and family.

In the iterative spirit which perhaps describes me best I kept on going, tweaking, perfecting until I got to a formula I really liked. I thought I’d better give it a name, and when I looked at everything I had selected to go in it I realised all the ingredients had this intrinsic balancing quality that I attracted me especially as I was in my late twenties and trying to even-out my skin type.


Small batch since day 1



20 Years of small-batch and this is what I learnt;

  • Don’t compromise. We are fastidious about detail. This is what makes customers return. Quality is everything.
  • Making small-batches means we create zero waste. Every final product gets sold, quantities of raw materials are carefully calculated at production, packaging is made each time.
  • It’s worth waiting for. And our stores and customers wait, because it’s skincare worth the wait. 

I started making Balancing Face Oil many years before starting Alex Carro, and in this time many things have changed but what has not is that we continue to make ALL our products with this small-batch philosophy. 

As we celebrate 20 years of Balancing Face Oil, we are excited to continue this journey with you. Thank you for being part of our story. Here’s to many more years of balanced, beautiful skin.


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