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Lip Balm +

Using only premium botanical ingredients, we’ve created the ultimate essential, everyday lip balms, with and without colour. All-natural nourishing formulas for optimised long-term skin health and super soft smoothness.
Lip Balm +

Lip Balm +01

Producto Bálsamo intenso, ultrahidratante, sin color. Este bálsamo labial extra rico está repleto de ingredientes nutritivos naturales para la salud de la piel a largo plazo y una suavidad súper...

22,00 €

Lip Balm + Duo (Ahorra 7€)

Elevated lip care, above and beyond the call of beauty. With or without a dazzling pop of the perfect red, our Lip Balm + are nourishing, all-natural formulas for optimised...

41,00 €

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