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Gently Does It: Love Your Skin with a Natural, Gentle Exfoliator.

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by Alexandra Nodes

Gently does it. A mantra that applies to so many things in life, including skincare. Sometimes you have the urge to scrub, but usually going gently and smartly gets better results. Mixable skincare means you can have what you want, when you want it.

Blending a botanic-packed all natural Exfoliating Powder with an anti-inflammatory, regenerating natural Facial Cleanser gives you the best of both; a Gentle Exfoliator that smoothes and polishes skin while conditioning and toning.

It’s a great introduction to exfoliating, a fantastic everyday timesaver, or an extra for those sensitive skin days that you can mix yourself anywhere, anytime.


Love being lazy.

First and foremost, combining two steps of your skincare routine is an obvious life hack that you’ll love. I do my skincare work at night, and this is a great way of removing the days dirt and grime and feeling fresh before bed. Cleansing is a basic, and exfoliating can sometimes seem like more of an occasional add-on. Mixibility allows you to have a gentle exfoliation every day, without any extra time spent in front of the mirror.

All you have to do is mix a little powder with the cleanser and massage onto dry skin. This combination adheres to dirt much better on dry skin. Splash on water to emulsify the cleanser and rinse for instant results.


Start easy.

When people ask me about exfoliating (I still regularly meet people who don’t do it. Boys, I’m especially looking at you... ), the first thing I tell them is to go gently into that good skincare. Jumping face first into a grain or scrub is going to have results you will not like. These kinds of exfoliator should be avoided at all costs. Find an all-natural exfoliating powder and use it sparingly.

Exfoliating is a key part of any skincare routine, but not everybody needs it every day. In fact, you’ll need to get your skin used to it, by using a gentle exfoliator at first once or twice a week, and then building up according to your needs.


Embrace your sensitive side.

Having sensitive skin is nothing to be ashamed of. Many of us have reactions to specific elements, or just days when our skin seems a little more fussy. Personally, I like to exfoliate every other day. Some people prefer it a couple of times a week, but when I ask why they tell me it’s because their skin tends to redden or even become irritated and blemished after they exfoliate.

Now this is where skincare myths come in. We all have sensitive skin to some extent. But if your skin becomes irritated by a certain product, it’s the product that is at fault, and not your skin.

I use our gentle exfoliator every day to gently cleanse and smooth my face. It saves me time and it leaves my skin feeling smooth and looking great.

Once or twice a week I might use an exfoliating powder on it’s own before doing a face mask. Or I might mix it with my natural Balancing Face Oil for an instant flash effect boost. The key thing is versatility, and responding to my changing needs and mood. That’s what mixable skincare is all about!


Here’s the science part!

Exfoliating powders are dry grains or powders. They stay fresh longer than other cleansers because they don’t don’t contain water and don’t need any preservatives. Typically, natural ones are made with rice bran, sea salt or even flour, but non-natural versions can contain plastic or jagged nut shells - to be avoided at all costs!

Our natural Exfoliating Powder uses powdered walnut shell, bamboo and coconut, along with fruit acids papain and bromelain (that’s papaya and pineapple for most of us...) to rejuvenate skin, working gently, with your skin’s acid mantle to scrub away impurities, smoothing and polishing for an instant boost in appearance and texture.

Adding our Powder to our natural Facial Cleanser brings in jojoba, palmarosa and petitgrain, redefining what a cleanser is capable of and adding an emollient, lush texture to your exfoliation. The result is totally uninvasive; a caring, gentle exfoliation that leaves your skin feeling softer, smoother, and deeply cleansed.


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