The Fundamentals Of Skincare

Quintessential all-natural skincare, created in Barcelona. Mixable for bespoke at-home blending. Discover the difference of active botanicals today.

Multiuse, Mixable and Unisex.

Skincare essentials that also give you the power to create bespoke blends to reflect your individual skin. Blended and designed with care and conscientiousness in Barcelona, our capsule collection of natural skincare products contain only carefully chosen active botanical ingredients.

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Look Who's Talking.

“El Polvo Exfoliante de Alex Carro es uno de esos productos de belleza a los que te vas a volver adicta. En su fórmula, combina exfoliación física y enzimática, utilizando ingredientes 100% naturales y sin dejar atrás la filosofía unisex y simplificada que caracteriza a la marca de cosmética.”

“It turns out it’s pretty fun being your own mixologist, especially with such a variety of textures to play with.”

“I love these products because they’re natural and super-light – plus they look great on my bathroom shelf, which is always a bonus! I’ve been doing this routine with these products for a few months now, and my skin has stayed clear and hydrated.”

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