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About Alex Carro

About Alex Carro

Alex founded Alex Carro with a simple goal: to create the skincare products she couldn’t find.

All of our precision skincare products are made in small batches, here in Barcelona.
Using scientific expertise and real-world testing, everything we make has always been - and always will be - formulated using carefully sourced, 100% natural ingredients, whether that’s botanical oils and extracts from plants, roots and flowers or cutting-edge biotech minerals and vitamins.

We’re always thinking about the best possible skincare practice, and we take our time perfecting and releasing inclusive, effective, vegan & cruelty-free products that work for all skin types, regardless of gender or skin colour.

We believe that building and maintaining healthy skin is the key to great-looking skin, and our team is dedicated to making products that have real value and integrity.

You can ask us anything. Get in touch at and find out what serious skincare with soul could do for you.


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