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Mixable, contemporary skincare from Barcelona.

Mixable, contemporary skincare from Barcelona.




The ten mixable products in our carefully curated collection represent a holistic approach to real life skincare, and reflect our less is more ethos.

Since 2016 we have been developing and producing our small-batch products in-house in Barcelona. Our practice combines premium 100%-natural ingredients with innovative, cutting-edge biotechnology that optimises nature for maximum results.

Designed by our founder skincare expert and natural beauty pioneer Alexandra Nodes. We now develop new products in collaboration with our trusted, loyal customers around the world through AC | LAB.

Results-driven, coherent, and cohesive, Alex Carro products are tailored to real life and all skin types.

Mixable skincare, less is more.

We are the first brand in the beauty sector to establish Mixability into an everyday fuss-free way to personalise skincare routines and rituals to reflect the users needs at the point of use.

Our products are formulated for all skin types with this innate advantage in mind and empower users to have control over how they use their products to get the most out of them to meet their own personal needs. Facialists and beauty professionals prefer Alex Carro because of this powerful toolkit of products at their fingertips which allows total treatment personalisation.

Why is small-batch at the core of what we do?


Quality is everything. We don’t compromise. We are fastidious about detail. This is what makes customers return. Highest quality ingredients used at optimum formulation percentages.

Zero Waste

Making small-batches means we create zero waste, every final product gets sold, quantities of raw materials are carefully calculated at production, packaging is made each time.

Why we make you wait

Since day one we work with a family-run laboratory just outside of Barcelona who are as committed to the final product as we are. Our small batch is worth waiting for.

AC | LAB, our methodology, our superpower.

We're passionate about empowering people to take control of their skin's lasting health - that's what inspired us to start Alex Carro in the first place.

Our approach is based on a community focused iterative process, we design, and then perfect products based on what our customers want. AC LAB allows us to chart our progress and share our developments with the community. We send out prototypes for testing and get real-world feedback that helps us perfect our formulas before launch.

Alexandra Nodes, Founder

Born to a Spanish mother and a French father Alex was born and grew up in London, her childhood summers spent in verdant meadows and rugged Atlantic coastline of Galicia, with its rich variety of flowers, plants and herbs set out to inspire her a few decades later.

She graduated in Modern Languages from Exeter University and then History of Fine and Decorative Art from Christie’s at Glasgow University. Alex began her career in London working for many prestigious cultural organisations developing new museums and exhibitions in the UK and around the world.

Despite being an outsider in the beauty industry a move to Barcelona would be her impetus to work with her passion for essential oils, and she has been a pioneer in the European beauty sector since 2016, championing the less is more approach of Mixable skincare and small-batch production. Alex always draws on her fine arts training and most recently has drawn on her museum background to set up AC LAB, and now all new products are made in collaboration with trusted and loyal users around the world.

The future of skincare

Our vision of beauty is based on the principles of fusioning science and nature; at the core of our mission since the beginning. Achieving bio-harmonisation and promoting the longevity of skin, body and mind is the ultimate goal in our fast paced world. Values you can trust, results you can rely on, attention to detail and our power to synthesise enduring scents and textures in the memories of our customers.

We believe that through creativity and meticulousness we can be both meaningful and inspirational to people in their everyday lives.


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