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Our Summer 2024

by Alexandra Nodes

Alex’s beautiful summer essentials. Everything you need for the season ahead: 

1. Barcelona: Laberinto de Horta
A perfect place to escape the buzz of the city, hidden beneath the shadows of the trees, this park is situated on the brink of Barcelona right near the Tibidabo mountain. 

2. Costa Brava: Explore Empúries. This ancient coastal city on the Costa Brava was founded by Greek traders in the 6th century BC. Stay at the Hostal Empuries right on the beach.

3. Pantelleria: 
Go wild this summer exploring the crossroads of where Italy meets Africa. Watch: A Bigger Splash to get you in the mood.

4. Summer Skin:
A.M.  Essentials perfect wherever summer takes you. Our Bio-retinol Daily Tonic + Vitamin-tech SPF30 protects and enhances your skin every day.

5. Podcast:
While you’re on the plane: Writer Zadie Smith on This cultural life listen to this London legend talking through her cultural references growing up in London in the 90s.

6. Book:
August Blue by Deborah Levy. Travel around Europe through the pages of this scintillating novel about identity, art and transformation.

7. Med vibes:
Toi et Moi by Paradis, turn up loud and wind down the window!

8. Cocktail
: Sbagliato, bubbly twist on the classic Negroni, perfect for summer sipping with friends.


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