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Solid Perfume Verde

Alex Carro distilled in its purest Essence.

Personal fragrance

Our personal fragrance combines a powerful new ritual for wellbeing, relaxation and mindfulness with a sophisticated, sustainable perfume that’s 100% natural and alcohol-free.

Therapeutic scent profile


Spicy, balsamic, soft on the nose. Promotes focus, pathway to getting in touch with interior self, meditation, allows us to block out all the noise going on around us. Encourages deeper breathing.


Earth and woody aroma, grounding, relieves stress and anxiety, slows down our central nervous system.

French Lavender:

Soothing and refreshing, ‘clean’ scent. Very calming, combat stress and anxiety without taking you completely under.


Fresh, floral, green scent. Balancing effect; skin, body and mind - enhances your mood.


The nurturing queen of the essential oils; soothing and sensual scent. Great for releasing tension. Lifts the spirits. Uplifts and promotes optimism and encourages a positive outlook and mood.

How to use

Morning: Dab on pulse points for an aromatherapeutic restorative scent ritual in your day.

Evening: Use as part of your bedtime routine, especially beneficial when used together with Balancing Face Oil.

Mood-boosting personal fragrance

Solid Perfume represents an innovative new evolution.

Free from synthetic chemicals and alcohol.

This smooth balm is 100% natural.

Weightless on skin.

Imbued with the healing, rejuvenating properties of rich botanical extracts and premium, first-press Essential Oils.

Our methodology

Working with you to create products you'll love.

So many loyal customers love the Alex Carro signature scent found in our best-selling Balancing Face Oils and Face Cream - a blend of aromatherapeutic oils that also have incredible effects on skin.

Based on their demand and with their help, through our user + laboratory development platform AC LAB, we created a solid perfume imbued with those beneficial properties but with an added emphasis on lasting fragrance.

Our user community love the mood-boosting, soothing effect it has. As a ritual - a moment taken purely for oneself, maybe a moment in the morning to reflect and order the mind, or at night to move on from the pressures of the day - the scent is carefully balanced to stimulate mind and body to centre, focus and calm.

Our community says

You feel better just from opening the jar,

smelling and looking at the color. 


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