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About Alex Carro (v.01)

About Alex Carro (v.01)

Inspired by childhood summers spent in rural Galicia, with its rich variety of flowers, plants and herbs, our founder Alex quickly embraced and explored the natural health benefits of botanicals and their impact in skincare and aromatherapy. Her insatiable curiosity led to a deep understanding she was keen to share. And so, 15 years ago, the unique blend for our Balancing Face Oil was born - a true botanical force of nature. A seed was planted, and now all-natural skincare has a new name; Alex Carro, a tribute to her Galician grandmother, Jacinta Carro.

About Alex Carro

Welcome to the future of skincare and beauty. Alex Carro select the most effective, luxurious, natural ingredients and combine them in innovative, intelligent formulations for maximum impact on skin with no waste, and no fuss. Healthier, smoother, better-looking skin has never been simpler. A five-piece skin essentials collection using distinctive, carefully selected natural botanicals gives you everything you need for sensuous, sustainable, next-level skincare.

All Natural and Mixes

We go further to source superior, precious, all-natural botanical ingredients, and we don’t waste a drop so you benefit from every single use of our products. Our range has been created with synergistic skin benefits in mind. Create your own rituals and respond to your skin’s unique needs with our mixable, cutting-edge formulations designed to work for you, for sustainable skincare that really works.

Our Philosophy

We believe that having healthy, radiant, balanced skin should be simple, sustainable and natural. We carefully source impeccable ingredients, and blend them to create products that have deeply sensual qualities as well as a profound impact both on skin and the environment. Vegan, cruelty and waste-free, our products combine the best of contemporary natural skincare with integrity, individuality and luxury.


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