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Just like you, we're looking for the absolute best skincare. AC | LAB is where we connect with our customers, explore your needs, and share our methodologies, research and development.

We're passionate about empowering people to take control of their skin's lasting health - that's what inspired us to start Alex Carro in the first place. Now, by joining AC | LAB, you can follow our journey, and help us shape the future of skincare.

Sign up to AC | LAB for a free bespoke online skincare consultation, news on cutting-edge skincare innovations, and exclusive access to road-test brand new products we’re developing.

AC Lab Prototype Framework

What happens next?

We will collate all the feedback at the end of the process and evaluate all aspects of this product including packaging, name, formulation, etc. Depending on the outcome the formulation be modified, undergo more testing or might be successful to make it into production.

Let us know what’s missing! How do you think we could improve this process? What products do you think should be included in the AC | LAB future prototypes? And remember, at this stage there is no such thing as a bad idea!


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