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Flash Forward: A Guide To Instant Brightening, Hydrating And Natural Exfoliation

by Alexandra Nodes

Not Just A Basic Blitz

We all know that exfoliation is part of a healthy routine. A good natural exfoliator smoothes, polishes and clears skin leaving it ready for anything. But you can do so much more than that if you use it wisely.

A really good exfoliator also comes with a trick up its sleeve. Blending products to create your own bespoke tricks and hacks is one of life's little pleasures. That's why I designed all the products in our range to be blendable; take the best of each and get something new that works with changing skin. Having a kick-ass exfoliator? Done. And what if it could do more?

Time and again a favourite in our capsule collection is the brightening, hydrating mix of our Exfoliating Powder and our natural Balancing Face Oil. As well as being a calming cleanse, it's an instant hit of clean, healthy, glowing skin that takes a second and leaves you confident all day that your skin looks fantastic. Here's how it works:


Get Fruity

The fruit acids that go into our Exfoliating Powder, papain and bromelain (that's papaya and pineapple, yum!) are rich in antioxidants and extremely rejuvenating – they are also calming and reduce puffiness. Add to that the bamboo in there, and skin is left buzzing; swept clean of all impurities, pores clear and open.





Our Flash Effect Treatment

Taking a few drops of a natural oil and blending it with an exfoliator, throws in high impact, instantaneous hydration, as well as being gentler on damaged skin. Our natural Balancing Face Oil redefines what you can expect from an oil. It's all natural ingredients include powerhouses like evening primrose oil and argan oil, which have an instant effect. Brightening, fighting dullness and balancing your skin's natural PH levels, the natural plant, nut and rice bran oils give you a boost that can change your whole day.



Repair and Glow

When you need that surge of confidence, the flush of health and freshness, combining a few drops of our Balancing Face Oil with our Exfoliating Powder and gently massaging it into your skin is a marvel of natural science.

The synergistic impact of natural fruit acids and essential oils amazes me, and really shows off the power of this kind of premium natural ingredients. This brightening, hydrating exfoliation treatment can turn around even the darkest of mornings, working wonders on weather-beaten, sun-damaged or dry skin, and leaving you ready to face the day.

The combination of a deep cleanse, exfoliation and intense hydration is what skin calls out for after a heavy weekend, a long night or exposure to the elements. This mix is so comforting it's addictive.

Find more about our Flash Effect Treatment.



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