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Smell the sunshine: Reasons to love calendula

by Alexandra Nodes

Can you describe the smell of sunshine? Warmth in the air? The scent of heat rising from the ground, or earth? It’s soothing and rich. And somehow golden. That’s the only way I can describe the smell of Calendula. Just like the golden flowers it’s made from, it smells joyful and summery.
But when we talk about Calendula, the scent comes in a close second to the amazing impact it has on skin and general health and wellbeing. Calendula – derived from marigolds – contains many beneficial organic compounds that help heal and protect skin, and fight against many common skin problems.
If you don’t already use Calendula as part of your skincare routine, read on to find out why and how you should easily incorporate this gorgeous natural oil into your skincare regimen.

1. It’s a natural anti-inflammatory.

Calendula oil actively reduces inflammation and protects against skin damage like sunburn. It’s very rich in the natural anti-inflammatory glycosides, saponins and quercetin, and in flavonoids – botanical antioxidants which prevent free radical cell damage, which is what causes redness and sun damage. It also inhibits the production of lipoxygenase in damaged skin, an enzyme that erodes the structure of skin cell walls.



2. It gets the blood flowing to all the right places.

Calendula helps promote blood flow to your skin cells. It helps cells to regenerate and this means your skin looks healthier, glowing with a youthful vitality. By stimulating the production of new skin cells, it improves collagen cross-binding and improves skin’s elasticity, making skin smoother and plumper looking.

3. Calendula has amazing skin healing properties. 

For anyone suffering from skin irritation, oxidative stress, psoriasis, eczema, acne or rosacea, calendula is a soothing helping hand. It contains the kind of antioxidants calm irritated skin, even helping with headaches and stomach aches when ingested, and often used to treat chronic pain. On skin, it quickly soothes symptoms or irritation or sunburn, and helps restore skin’s natural healthy radiance.


4. It’s a natural anti-aging oil.

Calendula oil is a natural anti-aging compound, hydrating skin and helping to reduce the kind of problems associated with aging or unloved skin. If your skin is dry or cracked, calendula helps to soften and heal it, and is commonly used on scarred skin to reduce the appearance of damage.
It improves skin’s collagen levels, and eliminates free radicals, which produce wrinkles and age spots. By actively reducing the appearance of fine lines and blemishes, Calendula helps skin look younger and healthier, naturally.

5. You can make it yourself.

When I first started making my own cosmetics, I would macerate calendula flowers myself, placing them in oil in a big glass jar, and leaving it out on my windowsill, giving it a good shake every day for a month or so. The sun aids in the maceration process, and after about 30 days the oil absorbs the healing properties of the flowers.

If you don’t have time to macerate the flowers yourself, just look for some natural skincare products that incorporate calendula, and bring the sunniest skincare into your routine, for healthier, happier skin.


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