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in Alex Carro, Ingredients, lavender

Why Lavender Oil Gets Deeply Under Your Skin

All you need to know about the numerous benefits of lavender oil.

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in Alex Carro, Exfoliating Powder, exfoliation, Facial Cleanser

Gently Does It: Love Your Skin with a Natural, Gentle Exfoliator.

How often do you exfoliate? What techniques do you use? Discover Alex's tips on gentle exfoliation and the science behind how it is beneficial for your skin.

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in Alex Carro, All Natural, Balancing Face Oil, Blog, Ingredients, Primrose

The Power of Primrose

Discover the many benefits of the beautiful primrose flower.


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How To Find Your Purpose?

Many people spend years looking for their purpose; that thing they were put on the earth to do which makes life better for themselves and those around them

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The Power Of Keeping Your Workplace Clean

When you sit down at your desk in the morning, what does it look like? Chaotic, tidy, piled up with work?

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