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How to Get the "Flash Effect" with Alex Carro Hydrating Exfoliator

by Alexandra Nodes

Summer wedding? Last-minute date? Dull skin day right when you need it least? No problem.

Everybody has their little secret weapon when it comes to skincare. It’s that trick you have up your sleeve that makes you feel confident and look your best. It can make the difference when you’re having a low day, or when you need that head-up-shoulders-back moment. Just like that particular pair of shoes or shirt, it’s a tried-and-tested, easy old friend that works every time. My secret is our magical brightening natural Hydrating Exfoliator. And here is why it works…

Keep It All Natural

When you have a bad skin day or headed for a high-visibility event (I’m looking at you, daytime summer wedding...) it’s easy to reach for make-up or to go for an aggressive cleanse you think will solve all your problems by brute force. One thing I've learnt through years experimenting with essential oils and all natural botanical skin care is that less is almost always more.

When I need a confidence boost, I reach for our mixability Hydrating Exfoliator set. There’s no harsh cleansing and no make-up. Instead of covering skin up, it reconditions it in seconds and leaves you looking like you’ve just had a perfect night’s sleep.

It takes less than a minute, and gives you an instant, long-lasting flash effect; it’s like pushing restart on skin.

How It Works

I always have our natural Balancing Face Oil with me. It’s such a hero product. Anytime, anywhere, it’s restorative and comforting. But you already know that.

Our exfoliator is a fruity little lover. It’s gentle but thorough, sensitive but consummate. Natural fruit enzymes and plant extracts brighten and regenerate skin, with pineapple and papaya extracts polishing skin and fighting dullness. Bamboo, micro-coconut and Walnut powders stimulate the regeneration of skin cells, smoothing and reconditioning with no irritation.

Here’s the magic part. All our products are designed with mixability in mind. And this one set is solid gold. Simply mix a few drops of Balancing Face Oil and a couple of pinches of Exfoliating Powder in your palm and gently massage the mixture into your face and neck (savouring the subtle aromatic scent imbued into our natural oils), then rinse with plenty of water.

What you get is a quick, easy hydrating exfoliator that leaves skin looking primed and photo ready, with no fuss and no irritation. You can literally do this in any bathroom, in under a minute, for instantly conditioned and glowing skin. You can feel the plant and herb extracts and oils nourishing your skin and leaving it visibly smoother and more radiant.

This is a perfect primer for light make-up, but more often than not I don’t need anything else. I look and feel like I’ve had a long spa facial, when more often than not I have been in the office all day.

The all natural plant and herb extract ingredients synergise, and give you a gentler exfoliation combined with an awakening brightening effect. Dullness is replaced by shine-free glow, and skin has an immediate boost. I call it the “Flash Effect”.

I promise you that once you have tried it, you’ll never look back. Or better.



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